We conduct visits to determine efficiency of generation, distribution & Utilisation of thermal energies. We also test Boiler efficiency to determine steam generation to fuel ratio. Condensate coming from coil, jackets, evaporators are collected to arrive at norms for each operation. We observe fixed heating load, start-up load & insulation losses. Based on output of these process thermal energy balance is struck for reference period of one year. Losses recorded in the thermal energy balance; energy conservation measures are presented with techno economic analysis. We have named energy saving areas as :
process optimization, housekeeping measures, Improvement in steam / power generation efficiency, waste heat recovery, optimal choice of fuel etc. We have helped customers to achieve savings ranging from 5 to 25% in the thermal energy expenditure.

Energy Efficiency Services – Energy audit for cost optimization and utilization of LPG in industrial and commercial applications for
  • A. Reduction in operating cost;
  • B. Enhancing safety of plant and machineries;
  • C. Enhancing working environment life and efficiency of the burners and regulators,
  • D. System automation;
  • E. To be on top in competitive market with advance energy utility options.
Today with increase in price of Fuels overheads are also increasing and one of the major reason for shrinking of the profit margins. There is only one solution and that is optimization of energy cost with Energy Audits.

Why Choose Kelvin

24/7 Customer Support
We have customer support engineers who serve on the front lines by answering system related questions and troubleshooting technical problems through quick visit, phone, and video conference. They assist customers with onboarding of a company's product or service and also guide clients through installation and updating issues as needed.
Delivery on Time
We have dedicated System design and Project implementation team, who visit customer location, estimate exact BOQ required, aligned plant for production of system, estimate dispatch days, project execution and trail at customer. This rate is expressed in a total number of units delivered within a set period defined by the customer.
A Wide Network
Being a leading company in the national & International market, we are engaged in providing a qualitative range of products that we provide in diverse specifications in order to attain the complete satisfaction of the customers within given time frame.
Experienced Engineers
We have highly skilled team of Project & Service Engineers, who are expert in handling all type of industrial applications. They help to bridge the gap between customer expectations and the best way to achieve green and cost effective solution.
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