Kelvin has designed India’s First Portable / Mobile Installation - SKID MOUNTED LOT, which can be easily shifted from one place to another without any damage / Wastage of Components and time.

LOT System over Conventional Manifold system:
No need of putting cylinders in Hot Water which is very unsafe and risky.
No Pressure drop at peak load.
LPG as its Preheated, gets good combustion efficiency compared with Conventional Manifold system (Every 20Deg. Rise in fuel temperature efficiency increases by 1%). LPG Temperature at the outlet of vaporiser is 65 Deg.
LPG LOT Facility, supply homogeneous LPG Mixture (Propane + Butane), which helps to maintain consistent pressure till end.
Compact Installation-Space Savings-More safe, as only 6 Cylinders required against 20 Cylinders. No. of leakage points are reduced and hence it’s very safe. Safety tripping are inbuilt in the system itself.
Facility is also been designed for duel usage enabling customer to switchover from LOT to VOT under breakdown in rare situations if any.
Facility is ready to use (Plug LPG cylinders and Use) and can be easily relocated if required.
Can be integrated with Leak detection system at very nominal cost.

Why Choose Kelvin

24/7 Customer Support
We have customer support engineers who serve on the front lines by answering system related questions and troubleshooting technical problems through quick visit, phone, and video conference. They assist customers with onboarding of a company's product or service and also guide clients through installation and updating issues as needed.
Delivery on Time
We have dedicated System design and Project implementation team, who visit customer location, estimate exact BOQ required, aligned plant for production of system, estimate dispatch days, project execution and trail at customer. This rate is expressed in a total number of units delivered within a set period defined by the customer.
A Wide Network
Being a leading company in the national & International market, we are engaged in providing a qualitative range of products that we provide in diverse specifications in order to attain the complete satisfaction of the customers within given time frame.
Experienced Engineers
We have highly skilled team of Project & Service Engineers, who are expert in handling all type of industrial applications. They help to bridge the gap between customer expectations and the best way to achieve green and cost effective solution.
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