KES Rental Solutions
vot We provide you a Rental solution for LPG LOT System, LPG VOT Systems, Conversion Projects, Efficiency improving Systems And many other Installations tailored to your particular needs. Whether you are a fortune 500 company or a small contactor, we provide right Rental solution for right people.


You will have access to one of the largest fleets in the Equipment Rental industry in India with us. We strive to provide a current fleet, so you can be sure you are receiving quality, well-maintained Equipment.

LOT (Liquid Off Take System)
lot LPG LOT System is advance concept in Multi-cylinder Installation which overcomes lots of problems and demerits of bulk LPG Installation & conventional Manifold (VOT) system. Liquid LPG Off Take per cylinder will be (upto 10 Kg/Hr) which is comparatively much more than normal Vapour off Take per cylinder (0.5 -0.6kg/hr)
VOT (Vapor Off Take System)
vot The ‘N’ no. Of Cylinders are connected to the manifold & the Vaporized LPG is directly drawn from the cylinders with Natural Vaporization Process. This vaporized LPG is passed through the properly designed 1st Stage & 2nd Stage Pressure Reducing Station. This LPG VOT facility is normally recommended for Low utility consumption per hour of LPG.
BULK Installations
bulk-installations Kelvin Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Designs, Supplies, Install & Commissions LPG Bullet Storage on turnkey Basis as per the rules & regulations stipulated by Explosive Norms & Statutory Requirements.
Boilers / Thermic Fluid Heaters
boilers-thermic KES always provides the better solutions by Engineering, Designing, Supplying & commissioning of Hot Water Generators/ Steam Boilers/Incenarator with fully automatic controls.
Hot Water/Air Generators
hot-water Today KES have provided the one of the best solutions for Hot Water & Air Generators in many Hospitality & Industrial Sectors for Spray Dryers, Sand Dryers, Grain Dryers, Tumbler Dryers, as well as for Bath, Dish Washers, Laundries, Stenter & Many Others applications.
Gas & Oil Fired Burners
burners To suit various applications KES provides the all type of MECHANICAL ATOMIZATION, PNEUMATIC ATOMIZATION, CENTRIFUGAL ATOMIZATION, NATURAL DRAUGHT, INDUCED DRAUGHT, FORCED DRAFT Gas Fired, Oil fired & Duel Fuel Burners.
Downstream Pipeline
downstream-pipeline With a Very Strong Back up of Engineers we KES designs & Execute the Downstream pipelines by selecting proper Sizes, MOC, Route of laying Pipelines by considering the various operations & plants Safety, Rules & regulations.
Gas Metering Systems
meters KES has a wide range of Gas Flow Metering Systems suitable right from the domestic to the Industrial Applications, for measuring the accurate flow of Gas & to know the exact consumption of the gas in various units/locations of the plant where the LPG / Natural gas is consuming.
Gas Trains
gas-trains KES designs, supplies & commissions the Gas Train suitable for the various applications for Boilers, Hot Water Generators, Dryers, Furnaces, Etc. by considering the exact Flow, Pressure, Safety Factors, etc. into the plants for giving the uninterrupted & efficient use of the Gas.
LPG Leak Detection Systems
lpg-detector KES has a wide range of Leak Detection System, as far as the safety of the LPG Storage system has considered.
Heat Exchangers
heat-exchangers Depending upon applications at the user end KES design & Installs the Heat Exchangers for proper heat transfer in the Furnaces, Tanks, Ovens ,Etc. for Proper & efficient indirect Heating purposes with maximum utilization of the heat generated through the firing of the fuel.