Kelvin Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd. have its own innovative, efficient and cost-effective solutions installed in different industries for diverse applications such as Process heating, roasting, drying of materials & many others. We always focus on providing the best possible solutions to our clients and at the same time we also emphasize on maintaining very high environmental standards as well.


Below listed are some of the industrial areas, where we’ve successfully managed to design and implement our applications for our clients

Agriculture down_arrow
agriculture KES has successfully designed and implemented very cost effective applications for drying of various agricultural crops without compromising with quality of the product.
Automobiles down_arrow
automobile We have our applications installed at various automobiles workshops where production of various automobile components takes place.
Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals down_arrow
chemicals We have very efficiently served pharmaceutical industries which need steam in numerous processes. What we mean by “efficiently” is we’ve managed to maintain the best possible environmental standards.
Dairy down_arrow
dairy We have installed process heating, cleaning and drying applications in dairies, where the energy source is usually steam or hot water generated through boilers / thermic fluid heaters.
Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Metals down_arrow
metals KES have implemented diversed applications for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Melting, Pre-heating of ingots/bars, various forms of heat treatment, protective surface coatings, Forgings, etc. are the typically used applications.
Paints & Printing down_arrow
printing KES have installed applications in print industries for drying of inks to produce glossy prints of superior quality not just on the paper sheets but on metal sheets and cans as well.
Textiles Industries down_arrow
textiles KES have Provided various solutions for Textiles Industries, By Designing, Engineering & commissioning various applications such as Boilers, Thermic Fluid Heaters, Dryers, Press, Centre Machines etc.
Powder Coating Industries down_arrow
coating We have made an benchmark for using LPG in this industry by designing various Heat Exchangers & new applications for Heat Transfer in Tanks of Seven Tank Process. As well as for Curing Ovens also we have designed & provided the solutions by use of LPG.
Domestic & Commercial Complex down_arrow
domestic Kelvin Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd. have Designed & provided Excellent LOT, VOT & Reticulated Systems for Domestic As well as for Commercial Complexes